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Developing and
Managing Safe, Affordable Housing

Since 1968

We believe in the transformative power of safe, affordable housing.

Our mission is to develop and manage housing with services for our low and moderate-income neighbors in North Carolina. We believe safe and affordable housing is the cornerstone of thriving communities, and we strive to make it a reality for everyone.

two girls playing in their safe affordable home







NC Housing Foundation

Since 1968, we have created more than 2,500 units of quality, affordable housing for low- to moderate-income seniors, families, homeless veterans, and individuals with disabilities. NCHF has been self-funded from the beginning. Our original grant of $850,000 in 1968 has grown to a portfolio of more than $100 million in properties currently owned and managed. As a non-profit organization, NCHF can meet the affordable housing needs in our community more effectively than an organization dependent on profit generation. We continue to seek opportunities for development — both alone and in partnership with other organizations.

NCHousing Foundation creates affordable housing for veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities


We partner with other nonprofits, religious organizations, community development groups, local employers, and financial partners to fill the gap in affordable housing in our community and throughout our state.


We are committed to preserving the supply and quality of affordable housing in our community and beyond. By preserving existing affordable housing, we prevent the displacement of our neighbors and elevate the quality and affordability of their homes for years to come.


We go beyond housing to provide our residents with the supportive services they need to thrive. All of our properties have an on-site Service Coordinator who links residents to resources available in the community. This helps improve housing stability and the ability of residents to age in place. 


We manage all of our own properties. In fact, we're so good at property management that other developers hire us to manage their properties, too. Our services include property maintenance, management setup, staff training, asset management, financial management, independent audits, and regulatory compliance.

Communities We've Built

NC Housing Services & Management Corporation

NCHSM is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1998 as the North Carolina Housing Services Corporation. Its purpose was to provide a comprehensive training and technical support program for multi-family properties serving low- to moderate-income seniors and families. Today trained Service Coordinators link residents to community services that can improve their housing stability and quality of life. The scope of the corporation was further expanded in 2002 to include management of properties serving families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.  

NC Housing Services and Management Corp connects residents to community services to improve housing stability and quality of life
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